Conquer the Sword Coast: A guide to baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations

baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations

Exploring the great Wilderness of baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations is an epic adventure on its own. But let’s face it, sometimes you just have to go from point A to B without having the swim through a camp of Goblins or fight your way down this Underdark tunnel labyrinth. It is here that the game’s brilliant quick travel system comes into play, taking you from one corner of the Sword Coast to another with a single click.

Unlocking the Waypoints:

Waypoints are the fast travel locations that, at first you cannot teleport around like a seasoned adventurer. These runes, shining in bright red color, are spread all over the entire gaming area. Just go up to one and it will be yours whenever you are seized by the travelling bug.

Where to Go, Fast:

There are more than 40 waypoints in baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations, therefore you can choose from plenty of travel routes. Here’s a glimpse into some key locations you’ll want to unlock:

baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations
baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations

Act 1:

  • Blighted Village: Your starting point and an ideal one to revisit Auntie Ethel’s creepy elegance soon after.
  • Emerald Grove Environs: Home to the cheerful druid grove and some unpleasant hag meetings.
  • Goblin Camp: Except, perhaps a big dose of fireball
  • .Waukeen’s Rest: A trading center where merchants abound.
  • Underdark – Ancient Forge: With this sparkly waypoint, start your Underdark journey.

Act 3:

  • Baldur’s Gate: Immerse yourself in the centre of the city, crowded with mysterious individuals and possible allies.
  • Grey Harbour Docks: The gateway to nautical escapades and the mystifying isle of Baldur.


Morphic Pool Dock: Discover the mysteries of mind flayers in this forbidding place.
Wyrm’s Rock: Climb the giant peak to whatever ancient dragon awaits.
Travel Tips for Adventurers:

It should be noted that fast travel is not possible everywhere. Certain places, such as dungeons or combat instances will keep you planet-bound. Moreover, while fast travel uses a little time and should be exploited to the fullest during critical moments.

Retrace Your Steps for Missed Loot or Quests: Did you forget to open a secret treasure chest in the Grove? No problem! A quick fast travel back with baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations to the Emerald Grove Environs, you can just pick up that sweet loot without having trudge through goblins for miles again. Think back to the Waukeen’s Rest quest giver that you neglected. A nearby waypoint allows you to quickly return and maintain your clean reputation without disrupting the main plot of your adventure.

Swap Party Members Between Locations: Do you need your thief-like rogue to check the Underdark while having a berserker safe at camp? Teleport your rogue to the Ancient Forge waypoint by using fast travel of baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations and leave the rest of party members behind for resting. It enables you to face challenges while having the right group composition without wasting precious travel minutes.

Gather Resources from Different Areas Efficiently: Running low on spider silk for production? A quick baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations teleport has you collect creepy webs from the Blighted Village in no time. When you don’t have some rare herbs for a strong potion? A mouse voyage in a nearby waypoint to the Waukeen’s Rest apothecary is enough for resupply.

Plan Complex Operations with Precision: Are you planning a coordinated assault on the bandit camp? Teleport your scouts and, when the time is right, let loose with your main force – all thanks to good baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations. Do you have an event that requires a destination to be achieved before the sun sets? Time your fast travel at the right time to take full advantage of opportunities and catch them off-guard.

With proper use of the fast travel in baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations, you can transform it from a simple convenience into an effective tool for exploration, resource collecting, and tactical skill.

  • The speed travel is not only about the comfort but also as a tactical device.Use waypoints to:Go back for any missed loot or quests.
  • Fast change of party members between places.
  • Acquire resources from various places efficiently.

By using this guide and paying close attention to those purple runes, you will be travelling along the Sword Coast like a veteran adventurer before long. So tighten your boots, spellcast your spells and get ready to overrun baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations one visited fast travel location at a time!


  • Look for secret checkpoints, especially starting off in Act 2 and beyond.
  • Tailor your journeys to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the journey! baldurs gate 3 fast travel locations is a world worth exploring, even at high speeds.


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